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Most people have little choice in which stovetop they have. Whether they are renting an apartment or home or they purchased a home with a stovetop inside, their choice was already made for them. If you are tasked with replacing your existing stovetop, you may be wondering which to get. Let’s talk about the differences between gas and electric stovetops.


Gas vs. Electric: which stovetop should you have in your Denver home


Both gas and electric stovetops have advantages, depending on what you want to cook. As a general metric, gas stovetops offer a more responsive heat, so they can be better for your main course meals, while electric stovetops offer a more even heat.


Another thing to consider when choosing between gas and electric is the installation cost and cost of the energy. Generally speaking, the operating cost of your stovetop is dictated by the cost of utilities in your area. However, while gas stoves may be more expensive to purchase and install, their energy usage tends to be slightly cheaper than electric stovetops.


Some of the benefits of a gas stove include quickly adjusting the heat levels, the ability to chart and grill directly on the open flame, a quick cooldown time, and the ability to heat the sides of the pan with the flames.


Electric stoves also have their benefits. They include less oven temperature fluctuation, more direct heat transfer on the stovetop, fixable element sizes for various pots and pans, and an easy-to-clean and smooth cooktop.


Choosing between gas and electric can be a difficult choice because both of them have their advantages and neither is better than the other one. The bulk of this decision comes down to nostalgia and what you are more used to using. Once you have decided on the stovetop you want, the next step is installation. While it is possible to do the installation yourself, you can always hire a team of experts, such as those at Next Step Kitchens, to help you properly install your new stovetop.

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