About Us

Next Step Kitchen Concepts is a Denver kitchen remodel company that is founded on quality work and customer service. With an average of 15 years of experience per crew member, we are ready to handle any project big or small. In combination with our sister company Next Step Innovations, we are able to complete a project as simple as switching out your countertops, or as complex as redesigning the entire main level of your home. By carrying four different lines of cabinetry, we make it our goal to provide you with the perfect option for your home. Outside of cabinetry, we also carry 100+ variations of stone for you to choose from. Our showroom is pet friendly, and fosters a warm and creative environment. Feel free to come by, grab a drink, and see how we can help you take the Next Step towards having your dream Denver kitchen remodel.

Who are we?  We are spearheaded by a group of professionals dedicated to quality and customer service.  Below, you will find names to attach to the faces that you will become familiar with while working with Next Step.  

Daniel Barraza has been working in the countertop industry since 2008, founded Next Step Innovations in 2015, and has been setting the bar for high quality renovations ever since.  Realizing his dream of opening a remodeling showroom in 2019, he began the renovation on what was adopted as nothing but a shell unit.  Now, he is the proud owner of Next Step Kitchen Concepts, the showroom location for both sister companies.   

Joseph Trefry has been embedded in the showroom and home cabinetry world since early 2015.  After joining forces to command operation of the showroom in 2018, Joseph has actively been working on both the front lines and from his desk in the new showroom.  When designing your remodeling project, you will be working closely with Joseph to design your dream kitchen.

Alvaro Barraza, the father of Daniel Barraza, is the acting foreman and project supervisor for Next Step.  His extensive history in the remodeling industry goes back 25 years, and his sense of perfectionism has only sharpened during that time.  Alvaro, or “Jefe” as you will hear him being referred to, will be on the front lines, making sure that your home remodeling project is completed in a professional and timely manner.  

Alfredo Gardea is our project scheduling and customer communication specialist.  With a well-developed background in various areas of the customer service industry, Alfredo will make sure that you are kept up-to-date on your project and what developments will be taking place.  Although Alfredo is a newer addition to the team, he has taken this position very seriously and has continually shattered our expectations of exemplary customer service.