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If you have ever considered a kitchen remodel, you have considered putting in a kitchen island. In most kitchen renovations, kitchen islands top the list at being a must-have item. A kitchen island can be a great value because it can transform the way you use your kitchen. However, what is the best way to utilize it?


How should you use your kitchen island?


There are many ways to utilize a kitchen island. One of the most common ways is to use it as an additional workstation. You can install a butcher block on top of your kitchen island to make it a useful addition to your kitchen. You can also turn your island into a prep and wash station. Especially if you love entertaining and serving drinks to your guests, an island with a sink can be incredibly useful.


Another common way to utilize a kitchen island is to use it for storage. When you build your kitchen island, you can build shelves or drawers to add additional storage capacity to your existing kitchen. If you’re looking for a stylish design, you can also make use of open shelves where you can keep cookbooks and dishes on display.


Finally, your kitchen island can be a hybrid of a cooking station and a place to eat. Think of it like a breakfast counter. On one side, you can have your workstation; on the other side, you can have a raised counter ideal for eating. With barstools for seating, you will have a place where your loved ones can eat (or do homework) while you are still working in the kitchen.


When it comes to kitchen renovations, kitchen islands are the most requested and coveted item. If you are interested in elevating your kitchen by adding a kitchen island, Next Step Kitchens can help you along the way. Our team of experts can assess your space and help you transform your kitchen into the one of your dreams.


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